Why Asizer ?

We assist clothing brands using our 3D body scan and clothes simulator technology. Clothing retailers reduce product returns when utilizing our virtual dressing room platform.

Clothing retailers lost nearly $14 Billion last year from returned merchandise. This lost revenue can be saved when using Asizer by providing customers the option of trying on clothes virtually before buying.

Using Asizer as a virtual dress up, clothing retailers can save up to 20% of lost revenue attributed to returns.

The #1 reason for clothing returns purchased online is improper fit. Let’s defeat the lost revenue battle together with our virtual dressing room app.

Asizer Benefits

Clothing measurement app | Virtual clothes - Asizer

Showcase Your Clothes

Attract new customers who are measured and fitted trying on clothes virtually with Asizer.

Get Discovered

Promote your clothing brand by collaborating with us. The physical dressing room just got upgraded! Introduce this new virtual dressing room to your customers now.

Virtual dress up | Online dressing room- Asizer

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with any question

Fill out the contact us form to get all of your virtual dressing room questions answered. Within our virtual fitting room technology is a body measurement technology to ensure customers receive a proper fit to within 1/10th of an inch accuracy.