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Don’t workout alone! The ASizer Start Your Own Fitness Challenge allows you to invite friends and colleagues to workout with you. Take them along your fitness journey! Our workout and 3D body scan tool assesses loss or gain for you and anyone you choose to join you from start to finish for your challenge.

Select the number of participants below to setup your personalized fitness challenge and get started inviting friends or colleagues to join you. Start a fitness challenge around a new diet, lifestyle change, workout routine, or use the personalized workout recommendations within the Asizer App to transform your body. Asizer is the perfect tool to accompany any fitness challenge. Asizer measures progress before and after any fitness challenge you cho

Getting started is easy! Setup of your fitness challenge is done the same day and you’ll receive a confirmation email within hours with your login details into the Asizer App to begin. Choose one of the below options to get started.

Option 1-Choose up to 10 participants to join your fitness challenge journey. Each of your participants will recieve a username and password access your fitness challenge thru our app

Option 2-Choose up to 25 participants to join your fitness challenge journey.

Option 3-Choose an unlimited number of participants to join your fitness challenge

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