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Occasionally, we receive promotional offers from our Retail partners to share. When we do, we offer merchandise or gift certificates to approved influencers and their audiences to buy from Retail partners. Merchandise and/or gift certificates are to to be exclusively used at Retail partners in our network.

We also love hearing story ideas using our platform. Share your feature story with our members. Whether using ASizer to launch a new clothing line or sharing about an using our platform for an existing line, we want to hear from you.

If you are a fashion influencer interested in promoting us or any of our Retail partners, please submit the following details for consideration. Additionally your Instagram link, follower count, engagement rate, average likes, average comments, and gender (%). We will process your request and reply within 2 business days with next steps. We look forward to onboarding you to our platform.

More About Us

Dressing Room facilities are facing challenges due to Covid-19. That’s where we come in! Asizer measures customers and provides a virtual clothing simulator to add a new dimension to the traditional dressing room.

Asizer allows customers to complete a virtual dress up with our virtual dressing room app to discover new clothing. Moreover, with our clothing measurement app, clothing retailers significantly reduce customer returns due to improperly fitted clothing.

Trying on clothes virtually is done with ease using ASizer. After desired clothing is selected using our app, customers are directed to an item of clothing in their exact size on the online retail store of their choice. Thus with Asizer, customers find new clothing, get size matched, and find which clothes look good!

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