Outfit of the day using ASizer

ASizer-A Virtual Fitting Room

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Outfit of the day using ASizer


Check out my outfit of the day #ootd! :dress: I know it will fit me perfectly because I used the reliable @asizerapp measurement and fitting room app!! So many local clothing boutiques are suffering from reduced sales due to #covid because many stores don’t even have a clothes #fittingroom option due to the risk of #covid. This virtual ASizer app provides a more convenient and safer alternative. The way it works is #asizer partners with fashion designers and clothing retailers from around the world to promote new product launches in their platform so customers like you and I can get fitted and try on all the clothes virtually! ➡ :gift: Wardrobe Giveaway Alert! All you have to do is screenshot your virtual outfit of the day you created in the app, post and tag it #asizer. You could be one of the winners chosen to have your entire outfit paid for by Asizer!!!