Why Asizer ?

Get your clothes in front of our network of clothing shoppers to increase your sales.

Get smart-matched to customers seeking clothes by type, size, and your clothes availability

The #1 reason for the return of clothes purchased online is improper fit, which is reduced with the use of our clothing measurement app.

Clothing Brands sign up free. You are only charged when a customer requests to buy your merchandise-$1 per customer

Asizer Benefits

3D body scanner clothing | Virtual outfit - Asizer

Attract new customers with a Virtual Outfit app

Let Asizer introduce your brand to new customers. We offer customers the opportunity to dress themselves using your clothes to make a virtual outfit. This allows customers to try on your clothes from anywhere without having to visit your store in person. Find new customers for your clothing products today.

Reduce Returns using 3D in Fashion

41% of customers who buy clothing variations online do so intent on returning those which don’t fit. Asizer brings its virtual dressing room to your customers allowing them the ability of trying on clothes virtually from the comfort of their home.

Reudce Returns by Body measurement app - Asizer

We use a 3D Body Scan technology and a clothes simulator to provide customers a virtual body measurement experience, providing a perfect match every time. Let us help you provide the best experience for customers and drive home higher margins! Sign up for Asizer today.

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